What are Magnetic Stripe Card?

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer

by Diij Electronics Equipment Support Team

Magnetic stripe card is a plastic card, the size of a credit card, that has a magnetic strip on the underside. This strip is the same as the magnetic tape in your audio cassettes, only four times the width. This strip is usually built into the card as opposed to being glued on. Data is stored on this magnetic strip and encoded so that the software that encodes the data can only read it. Data on the magnetic strip is read by physical contact with a magnetic head in the magnetic card reader and the data is written the same way - by physical contact.

Magnetic strips cards can be used in a multitude of places. These include, drivers licenses, employee identification cards and attendance cards, credit cards, bank ATM cards ,debit cards and almost anywhere where secure access needs to be maintained. The card is made for the individual with unique identification numbers and data encrypted directly onto the magnetic strip on the reverse of the card. This is achieved with the help of a magnetic stripe card reader writer. Diij Electronics sells many models and price range of Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSR) and Writers.

While the card is created as a plain plastic card with the magnetic strip on the reverse it is customized using other mechanisms and techniques, such as a magnetic stripe card embossing machine. These are convenient to use and economical too. With a magnetic stripe card reader writer any business, big or small can make their own access cards, employee data cards and whatever card they may need for their business.

While magnetic stripe card reader writer apparatus is required only for the management to make these cards the magnetic stripe card reader is required at every point where the card is to be used. These do not write to the card but they are designed only to read from the card. They come in many size and formats, there are portable one, ones with bluetooth and other which need a computer connection to fuction.

It is important to get the best quality magnetic strips card reader writer in order to get the best return on investment from the apparatus. It is not conducive to good business to purchase a lesser known magnetic stripe card reader writer apparatus that will break down every other day. Go for the quality products and rest assured that one aspect of your business administration is taken care of.

Magnetic stripe card reader writers come pre loaded with the required software. These can be attached to any computer or point of access through a USB terminal. They are plug and play devices that are ready to use out of the box. No technical knowledge is required to install these devices that are sure to make your business administration more streamlined than ever before. 

No more having to personally supervise the attendance register or keep a watch on employees trying to shirk their duties. Every time they have to leave the premises or their place of duty they will have to swipe the card to get the door to open. This is recorded by the central computing system and takes the load off the management a great deal. And this is just one of the more important places magnetic stripe card reader writer equipment is handy!

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