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USB 2GB Keylogger * KL2 * - Key Catcher Hardware

Do you wonder what your kids are doing online?
Do you need to know how your employees use their time?
Have you ever lost a document that you wished was somehow stored?

With new USB keylogger this is all possible down to knowing every single key that was pushed on that keyboard. Know what websites are being visited, what Myspace activity goes on, what Instant Messages are being exchanged, ect, ect, ect...

The KL2 USB is an advanced USB hardware keylogger with a 2GB (around 1 years worth of intensive typing, or over 1000 pages of text) internal flash disk, organized as a file system. All text data typed on the USB keyboard will be captured and stored on the internal Flash Drive in a special file. Text data may be retrieved on any computer with a USB port and keyboard. Data is retrieved by switching into Flash Drive mode for keystroke data transmission.

Featuring 2 GB of memory, KL2 2GB holds 1000 pages of text and is specially made to our own specifications. Small, lots of storage and inexpensive for a USB KeyLogger. Unlike some models that look similar, these work with Both Macs and PCs with either full-speed or low-speed USB Keyboards.

KL2 records everything typed on a USB keyboard. Absolutely no software is required and KL2 is completely invisible to any software. Unlike many other keyloggers, these work with Macs (OS9 and up) or PCs with both low and full-speed USB Keyboards. Most newer USB keyboards operate at "full-speed." Most lower cost keyloggers do not work with Macs or full-speed keyboards. If they don't specifically state it will work, it almost certainly won't.

The KL2 USB is the stealthiest hardware keylogger in existance - it is impossible to detect!

Note: The KL2 is invisible to the Operating System when installed. Only after you have entered the special key combination, the KL2 appears on your computer as a USB Flash Drive, with a file containing the recorded text.

* Huge memory capacity organized as a flash file system
* Compatible with all USB keyboards (including Linux & Mac)
* Transparent to computer operation, undetectable for security scanners
* No software or drivers required, operating system independent
* Quick and easy national keyboard layout support
* Ultra compact and discrete, only 2" long (extends just 1.5" when plugged in)

Disconnect your USB keyboard from the USB port at the computer or hub. This can be done even with the computer up and running.

Connect the hardware USB keylogger between the USB keyboard and the USB port. Keystroke logging will start automatically.

Each device has a built-in 3-key combination (by default K, B, S). Press these 3 keys simultaneously to trigger Flash Drive mode. Initiating Flash Drive mode will automatically disconnect the USB keyboard.

After a few seconds, the hardware keylogger will be automatically detected as a mass storage device. The Flash Drive will contain the file LOG.TXT with a text log of all captured data. Keystroke data is formatted in the same as it would appear on the screen, with special keys in brackets.

This file can be viewed and searched with any text editor, such as Notepad or MS Word.

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USB 2GB Keylogger

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