• MINIDX3 USB Portable Card Reader Data Collector

MINIDX3 USB Portable Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Data Collector

Minidx3 is portable magnetic strip card reader, stylish tiny compared to other magnetic card readers,  very small unit, very thin, portable magnetic stripe reader, with USB connector. It's a battery-powered, which is specially designed for magnetic stripe data collection anytime and anywhere without computer. This swipe card reader has a large memory can collect, the card swipe 3000+ magnetic stripe card swipes. Built-in Time clock indicates every transaction date and time.  Data is read from the card and kept in the memory then you may downloaded the data to the computer, save that information to ISO or comma separated text format. The battery will last about 5 days or 120 Hours of continuous use without any interruption at normal operating conditions. This device will work with card reader writer, the other magnetic card reader or any other usb credit card reader.

Financial Banking:  Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Card
Retail: Gift Card, Customer ID, Store ID
Government:  Driver Licence, Health Card, Government ID
Any movable data collection Trade shows, Racing events
Employee's Time / Attendance data collection
Exhibition visitors' data collection
Conference attendants data collection
Card Verification: Age verification
Point of Sales: Payment collection, Credit card data collection
Law Enforcement: DMV card
Attendance: Student ID, Membership Card, Club ID

- 512 KB (Kilo Bytes) memory for storing 2500+ data
- 3-track version can collect all 1, 2 and 3 tracks of data
- Time stamp shows date and time with every transaction (swipes)
- Password Protection defends user (can be changed with the software)
- Auto Power Off is set by user
- Bi - Directional
- Battery powered and low battery indicated
- Data downloadable to the computer via USB
- Read ISO format and special format are available upon request
- No programming required, easy to use as 1- 2- 3
- Dimensions in mm:  L 50 x W23.5 x H 32.5 mm
- Net Weight: 25g


More Info:

Video: http://youtu.be/wVGbhZ4dgfA
How to Use Instruction Video:

Box Contents: 
1 MSR Software CD and Manual
1 PC to MSR USB Connector Cable

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MINIDX3 USB Portable Card Reader Data Collector

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